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STP ODS Html drill down application files caching

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STP ODS Html drill down application files caching

Hi All

In SAS example /Products/SAS Intelligence Platform/Samples/Sample: Shoe Sales by Region code:


%let _ODSOPTIONS=%str(body=region1.html newfile=table);


proc report nowd;

column region subsidiary product sales inventory returns;

define region / order noprint "Region";

define subsidiary / order "Subsidiary";

define product / order "Shoe Style";

define sales / sum "Sales";

define inventory / sum "Inventory";

define returns / sum "Returns";

break after subsidiary / summarize suppress style=Header;

break before region / page ;

compute before _page_ / center style=BeforeCaption;

line "Men's and Women's Shoe Sales Figures for " region $25.;




* Use STPEND to close the HTML output destination so that ODS will

* write the appropriate HTML to mark the end of the documents that

* have been created.




enables creating html files referred by links for each region.


My question is: when I try to create large number of files (let's say 1000) the first redirection from clicked link in SASPortal takes for example 10-20 second. And then every next navigation between links takes 1-3 seconds (seems like in a meantime some caching or optimalization was made). Is there any solution to force quick file searching (caching) in such case, not to wait longer for the first time ?


Best Regards






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Re: STP ODS Html drill down application files caching

Hi, Norbert:
It sounds to me like something in the browser is still loading or hasn't finished loading when you click the first link.

I don't know of any option to force or impact caching. This would be the kind of thing where I would recommend you open a track with Tech Support. They are much better at performance type questions than anyone else I know.

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Re: STP ODS Html drill down application files caching

Posted in reply to Cynthia_sas

Hi Cynthia

Thank you for your time. I will try to tackle this problem with TechSupport then.

Best Regards


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