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SP Interface Differences between EG and Portal

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SP Interface Differences between EG and Portal

I know there are some minor differences between the capabilities of the parameter interface for EG versus the Portal (v9.1.3). Can anyone tell me what these are?

I have a stored process that I created in EG...actually I wrote a macro then put it in EG. In EG the stored process runs does not run in the Portal. I don't think it is a security issue because the parameter group headers do the portal is accessing the SP...but if I click on a group header nothing happens. I think it may have something to do with the 20 or so parameters I set up. Any ideas?


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Re: SP Interface Differences between EG and Portal

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One time where I've seen this happen (SP runs in EG/AMO, but not the Portal) is when I used macro variables like &VAR and &CLASS which are Javascript "keywords". The Portal uses JavaScript to build the GUI for submitting the SP -- so if your SP macro variables are named the same as JavaScript keywords, it confuses the Portal and you generally get an "error on page". This Tech Support note talks about it:

I'm not exactly sure what the whole list of Javascript "words to avoid" are. In our Stored Process class, we recommend avoiding JavaScript functions and object names as a best practice -- for example break, do, if, throw, catch, case, enum, in, try switch, var, class...) We looked them up in a JavaScript manual.

Otherwise, if that's not it, you might check with Tech Support for more help. They can look at your SP registration and help you figure out what's wrong.

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