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SAS with Social Networks Analysis

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SAS with Social Networks Analysis



Right now the client, is experience performance issues with the “Social Network Analysis” tool,

The biggest issue comes when trying to display the detail information, let me explain it a little bit more,


  • The user will login, then an Alert series window will display, the user will select a series that display all possible merchants that are considered,
  • To be a possible point of compromise (where they copy the cards), this works relatively fine, right know it will show ~35,000 rows with 8 cols of data.
  • The problem is when we select a merchant, in order to display all credit cards that could have fraud in a near feature, ~3,000 and 25 cols,
  • And all cards that already have fraud transactions, 100 rows with 4 cols.


  • All the stored processes to generate the data work very fast, it doesn’t take more than a few seconds to get all the XMLs generated.



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