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SAS Stored Process

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SAS Stored Process


Hi All,


I'm trying to run the Stored process by selecting the server type as "Stored process server only" in Execution options. I got the following error:


An error occurred executing the stored process job "<stored process name>".

The stored process library failed to retrieve the log. [Error] STP: The Request Init stored process failed.


Any suggestions?




Any suggestions!


Thanks in advance.






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Re: SAS Stored Process

Do you have any UTF-8 characters in the stored process source code?  I googled a bit, came up with:


As a test, try commenting out all the stored process code, and replace it with something simple like:


%let _odsdest=html;
proc print data=sashelp.class;

See if something minimal like that will work.


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Re: SAS Stored Process

What does the Object Spawner log say ?

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Re: SAS Stored Process

Have you specified any init and term programs for your SAS Stored Process Server?


See for more Information.


Check that the code you specified runs correctly.


Provide the log of the Stored Process server

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Re: SAS Stored Process

[ Edited ]

Thanks @Bruno_SAS.

I specified the Init and term programs. 

Path for Init and term programs is wrong. Its a relative path now I changed the path to "Fully qualified path". It's working now.



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