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SAS Stored Process Web Application and a "dummy" login

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SAS Stored Process Web Application and a "dummy" login

Hi to all,
we've successfully deployed a sas stored process and called it through the SAS Stored Process Web Application, which is amazing Smiley Happy.
Unfortunately, we've got a problem: this output which is generated should be accessible from all the users who access this public web site of our we'd like to introduce a "dummy" login into the metadata (with only the rights to read and execute this stored process), and find a way to pass his credentials to the SAS Metadata server in a transparent way (i.e., without presenting the user a prompt).
Is this feasible? How can we implement it?

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Re: SAS Stored Process Web Application and a "dummy" login

The Stored Process Web Application is very cool, indeed.

I think you may have to work with Tech Support on the answer to this question. I don't _think_ there's a dummy login, such as you ask for. And I don't know whether the security model changed for 9.2 to allow this kind of execution.

If you were using the Portal, the public kiosk is where you put items like this. But, again, Tech Support is your best resource here.

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Re: SAS Stored Process Web Application and a "dummy" login

Hi Cynthia,
as a dummy login I thought of a local user (inserted into the sas users group), with only the right to read and execute the SAS Stored Process (so that none could ever do any damage with that kind of user).
What I've found is that I can pass in the GET request for the SAS Stored Process Web Application the variables _USERNAME and _PASSWORD (pwencoded) basic idea is to try to build a simple servlet, which will call the SAS Stored Process url, pass (possibly in the POST instead of the GET) the authentication parameters, and then show the XHTML flow generated by the SAS Stored Process...
That should work, IMHO...
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Re: SAS Stored Process Web Application and a "dummy" login


Have a look at

In the Params.config of the deployed Web Stored Process Server. In this file you can put values, and servlet.user.password, and either hardcode a username and password or a value that gets a set in the session (values in the params.config with a $ infront are resolved at runtime from the session that calls it).

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