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SAS Stored Procedure Application

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SAS Stored Procedure Application



I'm trying to have users go straight to the stored application page instead of the "Welcome Page" after signing into the SAS stored procedure web server. Is this possible and if so where are the files / parameters that need to be modified? 




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Re: SAS Stored Procedure Application

Hello @ardobbins,


normally those settings happen to be on the web.xml (or similar xml within the web application itself) as on most of the web applications, not only SAS. Although, I never tried this specific and I cannot promise SAS Technical Support will anser this question, because I don't know if this change is supported, but you can always try to ask them. They are clever guys Smiley Happy.

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Re: SAS Stored Procedure Application

You can build a URL that already contains the name of the stored procedure:

http://servername/SASStoredProcess/do?_program=/Shared%20Data/ (and so on)

SASStoredProcess will then prompt for the remaining parameters

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