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SAS Portal inquiry

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SAS Portal inquiry

Hi SAS Expert,

I just want to ask if anyone of you have already try to get the userid in SAS PORTAL?

I have a report that will filtered only those information related to the user that is logged on to the Portal.

Example: In Portal, the log on page will appear, username: sasdemo

then on the next page after the user successfully log on to the Portal.

The main page in the Portal will appear and there will be a couple of link display in the window.

Those information, if I click some link, the information is already filtered depends on the userid log by the user.

I already read some notes that I can use _METAUSER option, how can I used it?

Thanks for the support, SAS Expert

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Re: SAS Portal inquiry

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I believe that if you have reports which are outputs of a Stored Process then Yes , you can use the _metauser macro in your stp program to customize the report to a user..

However if you have a web report then you need to read about applying Row Level Restrictions to Infomap.

But maybe if you give a bit more info on what kind of reports are looking at... Then some of the experts will be able to guide you better.

One other question... Are all your users going to use the sasdemo username or will they have their own Login identities?

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