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Question about Oracle library definition

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Question about Oracle library definition


I've defined an Oracle library using the Library Manager. The library isn't pre-assigned. It's a first shot using the technology so I've pretty much followed instructions (ie, created db schema, set the default login, imported tables).

I've created a stored process from an EG process flow which uses this library. When I run the report using the MS Add-in via MS Word I'm getting this error:

Libname XYZ META ipaddr='servername' port=8561 protocol=bridge userid='myusername' pw=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX repid=A0000001.A5RNHEDH libid=A5RNHEDH.AI000001;
ERROR: Invalid credentials
ERROR: Access denied.

It seems to be picking up my userid/pw from logging into the server, and not the assigned Oracle user credentials. I can see this when creating the stored process in EG, but can't figure out why. Any ideas??

Thanks - George
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Re: Question about Oracle library definition

My initial post isn't quite right. What's happening is ANY user who tries to run this stored process via the MS Add-in will get the same error containing MY username in the USERID field. It's not a problem with the Oracle data, but authenticating to the metadata related to the Oracle library. I'm set up as an admin in adminUsers.txt (without the asterick), and I thought that may have something to do with my personal userid being attached to this libname. Removing my name from adminUsers.txt and refreshing my servers didn't solve it.

I recently changed my password which leads me to think that somewhere in my setup my initial userid/pw was somehow stored. Still baffled...

- George
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Re: Question about Oracle library definition

If the problem only happens with the SAS Add-in for Microsoft Office, you may want to post a question in the "Integration with Microsoft Office" forum:

Tech Support is also available:

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Re: Question about Oracle library definition

I'm using the wizard in EG to turn a process flow into the stored process. At Step 5 in the wizard (titled 'Librefs') I can see where my username\pw is appended to the Libname ... META ... statement.

Is this expected? Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't see how I can make the stored process available to other users.

I can imagine this would be the same whether I ran the stored process via the add-in or another client.

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