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Prompt Type Hyperlink

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Prompt Type Hyperlink

Hi All,

    I am not able to get hyperlink in the prompt page. Though we have prompt type called hyperlink and options to give the URL.

I tried this in SAS v9.3 environment.  I am not getting any link or error message for this.

My objective is to added a common hyperlink to all my 170 reports (STP).

It would be really great If you could help me on this. Thank you.


Alexsander S

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Re: Prompt Type Hyperlink

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Hi Alexsander S,

I work with the SAS Stored Processes Web server a lot but I never tried this prompt type.  I found the exact same issue you did using 9.3.  I would also be interested if anyone has a solution for this.


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Re: Prompt Type Hyperlink

I haven't heard of this a Hyperlink prompt type.  When I look in SAS 9.3 Stored Process Developer's guide, it isn't mentioned.  When I look in Aanderud's excellent reference, Building Business Intelligence Using SAS, it says that Hyperlink prompt "is available for stored processes only through the SAS EG Stored Process Wizard."  Maybe this means a hyperlink prompt only works when EG is the client executing the STP?

It's not clear to me how such a hyperlink prompt would be used.  A user would enter into the prompt a hyperlink??  What does that mean, they would type or copy/paste the HTML code for a hyperlink?  Seems you could just get this with a text prompt, and if needed parse the html by hand.

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