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Proc Freq, with different groups

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Proc Freq, with different groups


Currently I have a stored process that does a proc freq on a table of data. The 2 columns of interest are Facility and Contacts. I have a filter setup in the stored process to filter on the Facility. The table looks like this:

Facility, Contacts
A, 1
A, 2
B, 3
B, 10
C, 15

Now... in my stored process has the following code:
proc sort data=opmetric.sas_geo_2010all out=barron;
by descending facilityname descending contacts;
where state in (%stringGen(parm=state)) and facilityname in (%stringGen(parm=facility)); run;

proc freq data=barron order=data noprint;
tables state*city*facilityname / list out=contacts;
weight contacts;
data finalcontacts (drop=percent);
set contacts;
data sasbase.geo2010all;
merge barron (in=c) finalcontacts (in=a) finalrounds (in=b);
if c;

Now when I run this, this will calculate the frequency and cumulative % for each facility that I supply in the filter. So if I supplied Facilities A and B, the ending table would look like:
Facility, Contacts, % of Total, Cum %
A, 1, 6.25%, 6.25%
A, 2, 12.5%, 18.75%
B, 3, 18.75%, 37.50%
B, 10, 62.50%, 100%

However, what I would like for it to do is break out a cumulative % per Facility, instead of lumping every facility from the filter together. So Facility A would have its own cumulative %, then Facility B would have its own cumulative %. etc

Hope this makes sense

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Re: Proc Freq, with different groups

Two solutions I can think of:

1 - Use a By statement to get the breakout for groups. However, I suspect you also want the overall value.

2 - I would use Proc Tabulate or Report for this particular application.
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