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Problem of customizing the html interface for Stored Process

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Problem of customizing the html interface for Stored Process

Dear SAS experts,
I’d appreciate it very much if you could direct me to a right way to solve a problem :

I have a SAS Stored Process with parameters and this stored process is accessed through SAS Portal. Is it possible to design the appearance of parameters when someone click the link of stored process in Portal ?

What I have done is I created a HTML page with
and html tags for parameters and their values. When someone opens the html page, selects the parameters’ values and click “SUBMIT” button, the box for user credentials for stored process appears. That is OK

If I put this html page in Collection portlet in SAS Portal, people have to enter credentials when they log on to portal and every time they want to run the stored process from the html page they are asked for the same credentials. Is it possible to do so, that they won’t be asked to enter credentials after they are already logged in SAS Portal, running the stored process from created HTML page ?

May be there are another ways to solve this problem. The main idea is that I want to make custom HTML page that contains two html FRAMES – left and right. The left is for selecting parameters values and the right is for displaying the results returned from Stored Process.

Thank you,
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