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Passing parms with semicolons (i.e. SAS code)

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Passing parms with semicolons (i.e. SAS code)

If the parms is a string array, and it contains ‘;’, then the StoredProcessService is doing a splt on the lines and tossing %LETs in front resulting in the code mess. A parm that was a SAS program was split into this:

8 %LET DATASTEP = data;
9 %LET TEST; = ;
10 %LET SET = ;
11 %LET SASHELP.CLASS;RUNSmiley Wink; = ;
11 %LET SASHELP.CLASS;RUNSmiley Wink; = ;

What I did to get around it (for now). Is submit some code ahead of invoking the stored process:

SasLanguageService.StoredProcessService.Execute(storedProcedureName, parms);

That works for now but it would be good to know if the StoredProcessService can handle semi-colons or other special characters.

Don Henderson states that the Stored Process Server handles this properly so there should be a way of handling this.
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