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Pass-through or(vs) Libname Oracle engine?

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Pass-through or(vs) Libname Oracle engine?

using sql pass through facility is betetr option or libname statement with oracle engine?

can any 1 list out the advantages and disadvantages?

Thnaks in Advance...
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Re: Pass-through or(vs) Libname Oracle engine?

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Been discussed several times throughout different forums, use the search facility.

Major pro: more control over Oracle SQL execution
Major con: no need for Oracle specific coding, less complicated code.

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Re: Pass-through or(vs) Libname Oracle engine?

I think it is not a case of one being better than the other but what is most appropriate for your situation. For example, we use passthru for our large Oracle Production jobs as it is easier to fine-tune, add Oracle hints for better performance and to get support from Oracle DBA's if things go wrong (you can drop the query into SQL Plus, TOAD or some other SQL tool and it will just work).

But for ad-hoc work and user jobs SAS SQL is simpler and more productive.
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