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Override stpbegin style

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Override stpbegin style


How do I override the style when using stpbegin and stpend?

I tried to copy then rename Meadow.css then changed the body background to black to check if doing something like that works. then changed the _ODSSTYLE to the renamed one before stpbegin. However I just got the gray default.

Any ideas or tips on proper creation and customization?

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Re: Override stpbegin style

If you are overriding the style TEMPLATE, then you use _ODSSTYLE as the override. If you are overriding the CSS file or stylesheet file, then you use _ODSSTYLESHEET as the reserved macro variable to override.

Do note that some client applications, such as Web Report Studio need to have the CSS changed via a different mechanism and other client applications, such as the SAS Add-in for Microsoft Office, have Options that need to be set in order for the style to be used. You did not say under what client application you were running your stored process, so it is hard to know what to recommend.

This Tech Support note shows one method of referencing an external CSS file:

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Re: Override stpbegin style

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Hi Cynthia,

Thank you very much for the very useful links.

Btw, I'm running the stored process as a link on SAS Portal. I have these chained stored processes which at the end has a graph output. To output the graph on the streaming stored process I used %stpbegin and %stpend. But when doing this it turns the whole page intro gray which is the default background of graph output.

Current workaround I did was instead of using %stpbegin and %stpend I created an whose source is another stored process where i placed the proc gchart.

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