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Oracle APEX as front end to SAS stored process web app

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Oracle APEX as front end to SAS stored process web app

Hi All,

For the past couple years I've been building little stored process web apps that do reporting etc.  And most of them were small enough (just a few stored processes with a few prompts each, with some drill downs between them) that I just used the simple prompt interface generated by the SPWA.

I'm now working on a project which will have many more user-provided parameters, and they want to store the parameters (configuration settings) chosen by each user, allow different people to modify them over time, etc etc.  The project data is in Oracle, and the thought is to use Oracle APEX to generate web forms that allow users to enter the configuration data , then store these data in Oracle tables.  Fair enough.

Question is whether Oracle APEX makes sense to use as user interface for the application.  That is, user fills out (or recalls) an APEX web form with configuration data, hits a submit button, and some stored process runs on SAS server returning the results to user.

Anyone done this, and have any thoughts to share?

In the simple case, assume APEX could make a button which was just a link to the stored process, and passed prompt values via URL.  Or if there were too many prompt values, the SAS stored process could pull the prompt values from Oracle table.

But not sure if it makes sense to deliver results back via APEX.  That is, if results are a web page, could that be displayed "inside" of APEX, so it feels to user like they are sill in a single application?  That seems better than having the SAS job run and just pop up a new browser page with the results.  Results here could be html to be displayed, or pdf to be opened/downloaded,

THanks for any thoughts.

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