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ODS EXCEL problem in Stored process

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ODS EXCEL problem in Stored process

Hello Experts,

I have recently awared that ODS excel became available to SAS users to produce native excel file(xlsx) that can insert charts. I have done that successfully on the EG.

I am just wondering when it comes to stored process, how do you make the following codes work if you use streaming output in stored process.(I do not want to save any excel output and just want to display it with AMO)

ods excel FILE="c:\a.xlsx"                                      
  sheet_name="CARS summary"

proc means;
var msrp invoice;

ods excel options(sheet_interval="none"

proc sgplot;
histogram msrp;

ods excel close;


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Re: ODS EXCEL problem in Stored process


This is a question for Tech Support. As far as I know, Excel can only receive 3 types of output from a stored process: CSV, HTML, SAS Report XML -- so you would have to ask Tech Support whether your idea will work in a stored process. Usually, if the client application can't receive some type of output, you can sometimes get nothing or sometimes get the default result type for the client application.


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Re: ODS EXCEL problem in Stored process

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Hi Cynthia,

I have test it out  the code ods excel  without stored process, it was working fine. But when it came to the stored process, error messages generated. I have no idea what caused the problem.

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Re: ODS EXCEL problem in Stored process

It would help if you could provide the error messages you are getting.

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