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Not assigning a meta library in the Stored Process

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Not assigning a meta library in the Stored Process

Hi to all,
I've some problems with a simple code with a stored doesn't assign a library at all:

>>> SAS Macro Variables:

_METAPERSON=Tiles Daniele

1 options nosource source2 center notes nodate nonumber ls=195 formchar='|----|+|---+=|-/\<>*' pagesize=40 noovp nomprint nomlogic nosymbolgen; title; footnote;
The SAS System

NOTE: %INCLUDE (level 1) file E:\SASUSER\itaadv\ is file E:\SASUSER\itaadv\
3 +* Begin EG generated code (do not edit this line);
4 +*
5 +* Stored process registrato da
6 +* Enterprise Guide Stored Process Manager v4.1
7 +*
8 +* ====================================================================
9 +* Nome stored process: test sp
10 +* ====================================================================
11 +*;
12 +
13 +
14 +*ProcessBody;
15 +
17 +
18 +* End EG generated code (do not edit this line);
19 +
20 +/*
21 + Codice per la tabella 83
22 + @author: Daniele Tiles
23 + @mail:
24 + @date: 09/09/2008
25 +
26 + Qui si deve filtrare addirittura per politica
27 +*/
28 +
29 +/* Creazione della sessione */
30 +
31 +data _NULL_;
32 + if libref('SAVE') ne 0 then
33 + rc = stpsrv_session('create');
34 +run;

NOTE: DATA statement used (Total process time):
real time 0.00 seconds
cpu time 0.00 seconds

The SAS System

35 +
36 +libname DPEFDest meta library='Tabelle prototipo' repname='DPEF' PORT=8561;
ERROR: Libname DPEFDEST is not assigned.
ERROR: Error in the LIBNAME statement.

why so? The library exists, and if I try to access it through normal SAS code, it works without any problem.
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Re: Not assigning a meta library in the Stored Process

Posted in reply to DanieleTiles
Hello Daniele,

Please see:

Usage Note 13619: Pre-assigning SAS libraries for the Stored Process Server

Usage Note 17720: Troubleshooting tips - Accessing a pre-assigned library using the Stored Process Server

Please keep in mind that the example in the SAS note mentions a libname statement using MLE. That uses the library definition in the metadata but also has permissions that it takes into consideration: Read, Write, Create, Delete.

There is a guide from that talks about that MLE in more detail.

An alternative to that is to use just a libname statement using an engine such as BASE/ DB engine within an autoexec however you are then not using the metadata and hence not fully utilising the benefits of the SAS 9 architecture. My 2 cents worth on that point.

I hope that helps.

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Re: Not assigning a meta library in the Stored Process

Posted in reply to deleted_user
Hi Alan,
thank you for your answer! I've tried what I could, but unfortunately it didn't work...and I'm not the admin of the SAS Server, so I couldn't even try everything described.
However, I'll send this KB articles to our admin, with the hope that he's able to perform this tests.
Thanks again, I hope to be able to write soon with some better news Smiley Happy
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