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Newbie here: SAS/AF or SAS/EIS

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Newbie here: SAS/AF or SAS/EIS

My boss wants me to create an gui application that will enable her to pull in data, which is updated daily, and create a report based on that data. She has minimal SAS experience. Do I need to learn SAS/AF or SAS/EIS?

And can anyone recommend a book or a tutorial or a training module that will help me acquire the knowledge I need to do this?


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Re: Newbie here: SAS/AF or SAS/EIS

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This is the forum for SAS Stored Processes, which work under the context of the SAS Enterprise Intelligence (Business Intelligence) platform.

What you want to do (create a report front end) is not usually done when you are using the SAS Enterprise Intelligence Platform, because Web Report Studio, SAS Enterprise Guide, or the Microsoft Office Applications working with the SAS Add-in for Microsoft Office all provide the "front end" access to tasks or stored processes -- whose results come directly back to the client application and since the tasks provide the reporting front ends, it is usually not necessary to code your own.

If you do need to code your own front end, in the form of a JSP, then part of SAS Integration Technologies are the Java Beans required to make your JSPs which could be plugged into the SAS Information Delivery Portal or used within your own Portal.

The correct answer to your question really depends on your configuration (is it stand-alone SAS? is it SAS/EG communicating to SAS on a server? is it the SAS Enterprise Intelligence Platform? Do you have SAS/IntrNet? The kind of GUI you would build might not be SAS/AF if you were using SAS/IntrNet, for example.

This might be a question best asked of your SAS representative or possibly by contacting Tech Support to see whether your company's particular mix of products and servers would dictate a SAS/AF gui or might indicate some other kind of gui interface for reporting.

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Re: Newbie here: SAS/AF or SAS/EIS

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Hi Cynthia.

Tks for the response. I will take your advice, focus my question a little better, and take my question to either of those sources. Very helpful, thks.

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