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Multiple dynamic prompts from a single control table

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Multiple dynamic prompts from a single control table

I'm trying to create a set of dynamic stored process prompts. 


I have all the data needed to use as source data for the prompts in a single SAS dataset, that looks like:


Prompt    Value   Label
Prompt1   A         Pretty A
Prompt1   B         Pretty B
Prompt2   X         Pretty X Label
Prompt2   Y         Pretty Y Label


That dataset has all of the values and labels for a group of prompts.


What is the best way for me to use this data as a source for the group of dynamic prompts?


I know I can split the data into one dataset for each prompt, and then register each of those tables and use them as a data source for each prompt.  But then I end up with N SAS datasets (one for each prompt) and N registered tables.


I would love to have just one SAS dataset and one registered table.  Could live with one sas dataset and N registered tables (i.e. each registered table represents a different subset of the SAS dataset).


I don't see a way to register a metadata table and only use a subset of SAS dataset rows.  And don't see a way to define a prompt using a metadata table as a source and only use a subset of rows.


Perhaps I should be making an InfoMap to use as a source for my prompts instead?  I haven't done that much, but I think there may be more subsetting options?


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