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Metadata Lisitings

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Metadata Lisitings

Is there any procedure or code that lists all store processes, olap cubes, information maps off the metadata, like proc contents lists?

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Re: Metadata Lisitings

I don't believe there is a procedure that will handle all of these in that fashion.  In saying that, you can get to this information via some different procedures;

  1. Proc Infomaps has a method to list the contents of information maps.  Check out the support docs for the syntax
  2. Proc Metadata will give you all the content you need however you will need to construct an XPath query to feed into the proc to get the information out.  The return from the procedure is XML containing content for the Metadata Type(s) you query.  More of a learning curve but very useful once you get the syntax learnt.  When researching you will need to use the GetMetadata method. 

Hope that helps.

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Re: Metadata Lisitings

Check Angela's blog post that shows how to work with the metadata - specifically she shows the stored processes - but this can be expanded to other metadata.

Various ways of locating components of stored processes

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