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Issue with %include

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Issue with %include

Hi All,

I've been trying to use %include and am quickly loosing patiance with something that should be so simple.

If I run the code that I've attached in Code.txt then my process works fine, as expected.

However if I move the %let and Proc Sql out to a sas file, which I've called and reference it with the %include "/....../" I start hitting problems.

I can access the dataset it writes to the WORK library or do pretty much anything I want with data steps, however if I attemp to use a proc, like the proc print in the attached code I get the following warning.

WARNING: No Output Destinations Active.

I've tried using ODS to output instead, however _WEBOUT gives me issues in this case...

Error: No logical assign file for _webout.

Any advice/guidance would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in Advance.


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Issue with %include

Posted in reply to VOSA_Andy

Managed to fix it, needed to remove the tick next to "Include code for Stored Process Macros" from the Stored Process I was calling.


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