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Insufficient authorization to access PIPE

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Insufficient authorization to access PIPE


While trying to exceute the following command I`m getting the error below

FILENAME SALES PIPE "ls -tr /data/sharedall/cofeeds/comit/weekfeeds|tail -1";

ERROR: Insufficient authorization to access PIPE.

ERROR: Error in the FILENAME statement.

Bascially i`m trying to retrieve the file name of the last updated file in a folder from EG itself.

The code runs fine when I run SAS in command propmt(UNIX). Also it has failed in the scheduler LSF

Would be great if some experts  advice , if this error can be rectified or any other alternatives exist.

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Insufficient authorization to access PIPE

I'm not an expert on stored processes, but the two individuals responding to a similar question in the following thread are.  The thread may contain the info you are looking for:

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Insufficient authorization to access PIPE


Though I recommend contacting Tech. Support for this . You may try this in SMC, since it has worked for me. Expand Server Manager -> SASAPP - > SASAPP - Logical Workspace Server . Right click on SASAPP - Workspace Server. Go to Options Tab -> Advanced Options -> Launch Properties - > Check Allow XCMD.

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Insufficient authorization to access PIPE

I have had more luck using this code

      systask command "<command>" wait status=my_name;

      %put &sysrc. &my_name; 

It does two things:

1 - It returns the output from UNIX.

2 - If &SYSRC does not equal 0 then I know my systask command is wrong.  If &my_name does not return a 0 then I know my Unix command was the issue.

I don't know if this will help you - but I have had various issues with using FILENAME with the PIPE.  So I started using systask command.  Here's a good SAS GloFo paper about the topic:

This approach may help you isolate where the issue is.


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