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How to link two stored process

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How to link two stored process

I wanted to create dynamic prompting in my report
(means : in user prompt if i select a country, the next prompt should contain the states of that country and further on seleting a state the next prompt should filter out the cities in that state.)

but i found that SAS 9.1 lacks dynamic prompting.
i found that it may be possible by linking stored processes together (executing one stored process calls other) but could sort it out.

anybody please assist...

if possible, please tell any other way out for the problem described above...
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Re: How to link two stored process

Your reference to "user prompt" is presumed to be a web application and a browser/user interaction? I performed a SEARCH at the SAS support website and there technical discussion about this topic (see link below), I believe, that may be of interest.

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SAS 9.1.3 Integration Technologies » Developer's Guide

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Re: How to link two stored process

I'll be covering this amongst other things in my upcoming presentation at SAS Global Forum. There are many ways to do this. One I have used recently is to generate HTML from a stored process by writing it to _webout. You can then generate a series of HTML lists which use javascript to achieve what you want.
Another way would be that when you select a country (for example) the stored process is called again, passing the country in to it, you then generate the next list box with states, and so on. We built a very flexible dataviewer using this technqiue.
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Re: How to link two stored process

Also, in SAS 9.2, this kind of dynamic and cascading prompt should be possible with your stored processes (without writing any custom code).

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Re: How to link two stored process

I have made a macrolibrary to make dynamic prompting in sas 9.1.3.
I use these macros in my stored processes.

It uses a free javascript library:
I put JS-code with data _null_; file _webout......

My library is for sale, but I think that you can make it with a little cpoy&paste from Kruse...

Good luck!
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