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How to get list of tables within libraries

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How to get list of tables within libraries

When I am running ETL Studio, the library folder shows that I have many tables that appear to have the same names; for example, I see five tables all named CUSTOMER.

I don't know if this is a problem with ETL Studio, or if in fact I do have multiple tables with the same name.

Is there a PROC that can list the tables in my libraries? Or is there some other mechanism for listing tables?

Thank you in advance for your help.....looking forward to your replies!
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Re: How to get list of tables within libraries

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You can use proc datasets to see what tables are in a library.

I often find it usefull to change the "name" for any table to "library: name " in order to see what library any given table actually belongs to. The name is just some metadata and is not used to identify any objects and any change in name will automatically be reflected in all visual presentations of the table.
( The name of the physical table will not change.)

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