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How to call other STP from within a STP

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How to call other STP from within a STP

I am interested in changing a SAS/IntrNet application into STP running in EG. One of the challenges is that most of the SAS/IntrNet programs are calling other programs before they produce the final results. Although I can put the result of STP A aside and run STP B to pick up that result, there is no way to control the logic of execution of the STP based on the results of the previous STP. The other challenge is that SAS/IntrNet programs usually create the html objects, choice boxes or selection list boxes, based on the previous pages (programs). STP does not seem can provide that programming flexibility.

Are there any papers or documents talking about these issues?

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Re: How to call other STP from within a STP

It is unclear exactly what difficulty you are having, but if you have a SAS/IntrNet application up and running, you should be able to convert it to a stored process application.

Here is some information that you will find helpful:

Vince DelGobbo
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