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How to Create Stored Process from Scratch

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How to Create Stored Process from Scratch



I think I'd need a stored process to accomplish what I'd like. I'm using a prompt to select a list of names from a data set, but the data set has 1,400 rows, so it's tedious to scroll through and find each name. So I'd like to create a cascading prompt where the user can enter the first 2-3 letters of a persons name, then have another dynamic list which will list the results of the search.


If I'm understanding this correctly, the filtering would be done through a stored process. But I'm just running a local sas installation, with programs only being run on the local server with no metadata server setup, which is the reason I don't think I can create stored processes.


So is there a better way to accomplish this, or would I need to setup a metadata server in order to do this?


Thank you



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Re: How to Create Stored Process from Scratch

Unfortunately, I checked, and do not have the license for a metadata server, so I'm unable to create the cascading prompt. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to go about selecting names in a better manner, or am stuck having to scroll through the entire list to select each name?

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Re: How to Create Stored Process from Scratch

I don't fully understand why you need a stored process, are you using SAS EG?

If so you can use a dynamic prompt. By default you can search for values using that prompt Smiley Happy


Sorry 'bout the swedish, hope you get it.




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