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Hide table from users while loading prompts

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Hide table from users while loading prompts

Dear All,


I have a sas process which loads info from a table within the prompts defined.

The users run the procedure from Excel Sas-Add-Inn.


Is there a way to hide this table so the users can not open it with Sas-Add-Inn?


I have tried to disable rights from accessing the table but in this way the prompts do not fill-in with info but remain empty.

I have also tried to set to 1 the option - IsHidden - from Table Advanced Properties within Sas Management COnsole, but

without success.


I'm using Sas9.3.




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Re: Hide table from users while loading prompts

I think for a twisted work-around:

1. - make a StoredProcess that call another with the dynamic prompt;

2 - the first STP create Metadata table ( ) before the second STP run;

3 - when Second STP run can read values for table in the dynamic prompt;

4 - before Endind of second STP delete metadata table (


you can try to put the creation of metadata table at the beginning of the STP, and the delete after, but i don't test it and i think that can be an ERROR.


hope this help

sorry but i didn't have a simple way

have nice day



Martino Crippa
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