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Help with creating PPT's in SAS

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Help with creating PPT's in SAS


I am a complete newbie to SAS. I have sas eg 4.3 installed.
There are two things i need to do;

1. We create ppt presentations specifically on different slides each with a different image/logo.I want to build a library of these blank slides with these logos, such that users can choose a specific slide as they see fit and build ppt presentations.
Can this be done? if yes, how?

2. these same ppt's need some graphs from the web and so forth, is there a way we can load these web images automatically in sas by linking it to the web url or something? Again, can this be done? if yes, then how?

I Do have SAS Addin for MS Office. It was suggested to me that i post this question in this forum.

Thanks a lot for your help,

Appreciate it.
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Re: Help with creating PPT's in SAS

You might try posting to the "Integration with Microsoft® Office" forum:

Vince DelGobbo
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