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Good 'ol Stored Processes!

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Good 'ol Stored Processes!

I gave a presentation on Stored Processes back in 1989 in Johannesburg, to SUGISA (SAS Users Group In South Africa).

Back when we had slow processors, compiling the code of a large datastep took longer than processing the data. In my case I reduced a monthly report run from 40 minutes to just 2 using the above. This was one datastep of over 3000 lines churning through two datasets of over 500 variables each - a legacy of using FSEdit on the mainframe and slow response times (remember those?). I never even thought that this knowledge would ever be used again, but it seems that is now not the case.

Anyone else have any tales from the past to share?
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Re: Good 'ol Stored Processes!

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Not surprised no one has answered this post yet.

It’s because this stored process is entirely different in nature to the modern equivalent.

Dangerous to use the same terminology for different components of your technology base, as it will confuse people no end.
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