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Generate message to user as SP output

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Generate message to user as SP output

I have a SP created from an EG job which extracts some data and then sends the user a few .csv files.  I want the users to be able to request this file from the SAS Portal by entering their parameters and running the SP.  However, at the moment when they hit run a blank window opens with no indication as to progress.  As the SP does not generate any output via the browser this window remains blank.  The data extract can take around 5 mins to run.  What I would therefore like is for a message to appear to the user once they hit run to let them know their request has been submitted and that they will receive the results via email.  How can I acheive this?

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Generate message to user as SP output


Have a look at the information provided in the link below..It should guide you in the right direction

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