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Future of Stored Process Web App ?

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Future of Stored Process Web App ?

Hi All,

Just viewed/read SGF talk on wha's new in SAS EBI 9.3 / coming in 9.4.

Seemed to me that the SAS Stored Process Web App was conspicuously absent (even from the list in the paper of tools that constitute SAS EBI).

I realize there has been talk/concern about whether SAS would keep developing WRS or eventually obsolete it in favor of the visual analytics stuff.  So those concerns were likely mollified to hear of the effort going into WRS and BI Dashboard.

My question is, is SAS Stored Process Web App now relegated to being "functionally stable"?  I had hoped development on SPWA would continue, as the "replacement" to development effort on SAS/IntRnet.  But maybe I guessed wrong? 

I've been doing more stuff in SPWA vs WRS (because I'm mostly making parameterized web reports etc vs allowing non-technical users to *design* their own reports).   But if people (inside our outside of SAS) think SPWA will not be seeing much growth, maybe I should rethink the direction of my BI learning path?

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Re: Future of Stored Process Web App ?

what I got from sasgf13 is that there wont be lot of new feature development on any of the ebi server products anymore. It will continue to be supported though. seamless migration to future va is not likely. You will be able to use your stored processes in va though.

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