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Extract from Log

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Extract from Log


I'm wondering if anyone can help me with a litlle problem.

My intention is to run a Job that populates a table and then extract into a table, the Datetime when the Job started running, the Job Name, wich table is being populated, the Status (Ended Successufully or with errors) and the Datetime that the Job ended.

Is it possible to extract all this from the log into a table?
If so, can you help me please.

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Re: Extract from Log

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The SAS support website has at least one SAS code sample related to your post. I found the item using the SEARCH facility on the website.

Scott Barry
SBBWorks, Inc.

Sample 34301: Parse SAS Logs to Extract Performance and Timing Information
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Re: Extract from Log

In addition to Scott's suggestion, you might also want to check with your SAS Administrators. If you are using the SAS Enterprise Intelligence Platform and you want to get log information from the Workspace server logs or the Stored Process server logs, you may find that the macro program as provided on the Tech Support site needs some modification to run in the Platform environment. You may or may not have read access (programmatically) to the LOG file created on the Platform when your stored process runs.

If you are talking about the log from SAS Stored Process execution, there are some reserved macro variables, such as &_PROGRAM, which contains the name of the stored process and others like &_REPOSITORY, &_SRVNAME, &_SRVPORT which might prove useful.

Info on stored process reserved macro variables can be found here:

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Re: Extract from Log

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A big thank you to Cynthia and Scott but I've found everything I need in:
Job Properties ->Status Handling tab -> Job Status

Thank you
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