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Execution Time

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Execution Time

I am trying to have SAS compute execution time for a stored process which simply includes a SAS program file. I was able to do this with very simple program but when the program was more complex (includes macros, sql junk, etc) I have problems. SAS for some reason does not create a data file? Also, do stored processes have a macro variable defined for execution time that I can access?

Code registered as stored process in metadata follows:

%global startdatetime;

%global executeSAStime;

%let startdatetime= %sysfunc(datetime());

%put &startdatetime;


%include "C:\code\goes\";

%put &startdatetime;

%let executeSAStime= %sysfunc(round(%sysevalf(%sysfunc(datetime())-&startdatetime),0.01));

%put &executeSAStime;

%let rc=0;

%include "D:\SAS\users\jchapman1\test\";




The append program creates a dataset and appends it to a sql database. However, the datastep used does not seem to be making the dataset for the complex program while it does for the simple one. Very confusing.

400 +%put &_METAUSER;


401 +%put &_username;

Test User

402 +%put &_program;

/Shared Data/StoredProcName

403 +%put &startdatetime;


404 +%put &executeSAStime;


405 +%put &rc;


406 +

407 +*create dataset;

408 +data newtempfile;

409 +length client username $16. Program $30. datetime exectime rc 8. ;

410 +client="&_METAUSER.";

411 +username="&_username.";

412 +program="&_program.";

413 +datetime=&startdatetime.;

414 +exectime=&executeSAStime.;

415 +rc=&rc.;

416 +run;

NOTE: The data set WORK.NEWTEMPFILE has 0 observations and 6 variables.
NOTE: DATA statement used (Total process time):
  real time 0.00 seconds
  cpu time 0.01 seconds

Please help!

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Re: Execution Time

what you are trying to do is standard part of ARM.
The log4j is a well known interface. APM and Eventmananager are build on top of this. When activated ill you are trying to build is already there.

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