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Executing .exe file thru SAS Stored Process

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Executing .exe file thru SAS Stored Process

Hello Everyone,

I have a requirement to create a stored process which will execute a .exe file from the server, so that I will link that stored process on SAS IDP portal which will say - "If you want to do this than please click below link" and that link should be able to execute my .exe file from the portal.

Please share your ideas or views. much needed



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Re: Executing .exe file thru SAS Stored Process

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You need to allow XCMD in the configuration of the Stored Process Server, so you can make use of the X statement or CALL SYSTEM() subroutine.

Right-click on the STP Server in SAS MC, select Properties - Options - Advanced, and then "Starting Properties", or whatever it is called in the English locale.

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