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Executing a Stored Process from Excel

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Executing a Stored Process from Excel

We have a user who created a simple Stored Process. He can execute it from Excel, but I cannot. I see the following. Does anyone know what thie means? Thanks!

"Unable to execute the stored process "ASUV_SP". Please report this error to your site administrator."

System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x80041001): Transaction open failed.Physical file does not exist, C:\Documents and Settings\dbisbik\My Documents\My SAS Files\9.1.
at SASStoredProcessService.ExecutionClass.WaitForCompletion(Int32 waitMilliSeconds)
at SAS.OfficeAddin.StoredProcess._ExecuteInternal(String& errorMessage)
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Re: Executing a Stored Process from Excel


Could you please repost this question in the "Integration with Microsoft® Office" forum? Someone there will be better suited to answering your question. The link is:

Another, perhaps better option, is to open a track with our Technical Support department:

One quick thought that I have is perhaps you do not have operating system permission to access the directory "C:\Documents and Settings\dbisbik\My Documents\My SAS Files\9.1".

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Vince DelGobbo
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