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Error while running a stored process

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Error while running a stored process

Hi All,


I am persistently getting an error while trying to run my Stored process -

Error - An error occurred executing the stored process job "<Stored Process name>".The stored process library failed to retrieve the result.This stored process does not appear to have generated a result package.Are %STPBEGIN/%STPEND used in the stored process?Did the stored process run without errors?

Can anybody suggest possible fix for this.

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Re: Error while running a stored process

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It looks like it might be expecting a Package result. Is that actually what you intend? What kind of output is it supposed to generate? If just ODS output of some kind then try having "streaming" results checked instead of "package" in you stored process options.

Also, if this stored process is meant to be run just within EG then uncheck the option to "append %STPBEGIN and %STPEND macros".
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