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Editing HTML in SMC

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Editing HTML in SMC

How do I edit the HTML associated with a SP using the SMC?

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Re: Editing HTML in SMC

In what way "associated"?

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Re: Editing HTML in SMC

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I create stored procedures that I execute as web apps.  I use the SMC to define metadata, prompts, location of source code, etc.  Just want to know how to edit the HTML.  I've seen some documentation that writes to webout programatically.  Can the HTML be edited and saved?

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Re: Editing HTML in SMC

So your stored proces uses %stpbegin / %stpend to stream results to web browser, using Stored Process Web App?

Yes, it is possible to have a stored process write the html results to a file instead of sending the results to _webout.

If you add:

%let _odsoptions=&_odsoptions file="/mydir/myfile.htm " ;

before you call %stpbegin, the results will be written to myfile.htm instead of going to _webout.

If you want to then "manually" edit the html, I suppose you could do that with a data _null_ step.

And then could stream the edited html back to _webout.

Not sure this is a great path to go down (there are a lot of ways to produce custom html without manually editing the html), but should be possible.



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