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ERROR: User have no access to data-level authorization

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ERROR: User have no access to data-level authorization


Would anyone like to help me on this error:

When I wrote a STP program with a macro to load a txt file into sas, the system told me an Error like this: User have no access to appropriate data-level authorization of file DATACTR.SFFB20100930.DATA.

It seems to me something was wrong with the libaray of DATACTR. I tried to pre-assign this library with different ways as such:
1. Tested the code from original "libname datactr 'D:\StockDataCenter" to "libname datactr BASE 'D:\StockDataCenter' access =readonly'",
the error changed to another one like this: 'ERROR: rejected the writable access to DATACTR.SFFB20101008.DATA'.

2. Tested the pre-assigning library using engings by following the guide of page 197 through 209, SAS® 9.1.3 Intelligence Platform Administration Guide. Unfortunately, the error was still there, even if I reboot the computer to restart all relative services.

I tried to check the server log file to verify the success of pre-assignment, however, I have no idea where is the log file. is it in dir of ...\Lev1\SASMain\MetadataServer\logs? I took into the recent log file but did not find the key word of 'IsPreassigned= '.


So far, I tried several times with no significant progress, so I would like to post the primary STP code as below and ask for your help :

options NONOTES;

libname datactr 'D:\DataCenter';
libname macslib 'D:\Mylib\Macros';

options fmtsearch=(Datactr);
options mstored sasmstore=macslib;



%Batch_Import_fb_sf(sf, &COMPUTING_DATE, &COMPUTING_DATE);
(Note: DATACTR is in this macro)


By the way, when I varified access to the the library of DATACTR, I can import those tables of DATACTR and view data from DI Studio, was it a bit strange? if this means the pre-assigning library of DATACTR is OK? (the OS is windows server 2003)

It would be very much appreciated if anyone can help, thank you in advance for your time!

Best Regards,
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