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Dynamic and Cascading Parameters - Aren't they possible

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Dynamic and Cascading Parameters - Aren't they possible


We are using SAS 9.1.3
EG: 4.1

We are builing reports from EG which are viewed as Stored Processes.

We want to create parameters whose values should be dynamically populated depending on the data available in the table (info map)


populating other parameter values depending on the selection of the first parameter.

I am shocked to see this post (see link below) which says that this is possible only through customised JSP pages and not provided by SAS. This is a very basic functionality of reporting.

Please confirm or let me know if there's a better and easy way out᫩
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Re: Dynamic and Cascading Parameters - Aren't they possible

You can set dynamic value generation for your Information Map filters (using Information Map Studio). That's because the information map uses a different method to implement filters than that used for stored process parameter value generation.

However, for your stored processes, dynamic and cascading parameter values are not available "out of the box" with the current version of the Enterprise Intelligence platform. This has been a frequently requested feature for the Enterprise Intelligence Platform -- but since a feature such as this must work consistently on ALL client applications -- the feature is not available yet, unless you take control of your own "front end" to invoke the stored process. This might include custom JSPs or a custom .NET application or a custom HTML or dynamic HTML front end (not only JSPs -- you can write your own front end.)

In addition to a custom JSP page, you might also use the Stored Process Web Application (SPWA) to build a custom HTML front end as described here:

-- but again -- this does not get you dynamic or cascading parameter values in any of the other client applications.

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