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Duplicating and costumizing the SPWA

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Duplicating and costumizing the SPWA


My team is using the SAS Stored process web application to give business users access to dynamic SAS results via the web browser.

We now have a requirement to modify the application, replacing the application tree with a custom made one (based on the jquery dynatree plugin) as well as a few minor adjustements but keeping most of the original application.

Ideally, I would like to maintain the original SPWA for développement purposes and have a parallel application using the same stored processes but with a different UI.

So far I have modified the original sas.storedprocess9.3.ear and deployed it to Jboss (5.1GA) as a separate .war.

I've had some trouble with the deployment and am now stuck :

The new app is deployed to Jboss.

When i go to the new application's url : myserver:8080/TEST/do, I get this error from Jboss

Http 500 - Application 'TEST' does not exist. Is it appropriately registered for the underlying data implementation?

Does this mean I need to register the application in the SAS metadata? how can I achieve that?


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Re: Duplicating and costumizing the SPWA

What you have done is change in the SAS deployment/installation bypassing  the SAS BI web application approach.

Calling everything an application is very confusing as your point view change this attribute can change. 

See an application as something somebody else will build using the tools you have delivered.   Linux (an OS) is an application on the hardware, Oracle (RDBMS) an application on the OS as is JBOSS (often called middleware) SAS deployment/installation is on the same level.  Do not make modifications at JAVA JBoss midtier as that is normally the wrong scope.


The business application is the one that is of value for the business that is often the most visible one.

With SAS portal (middleware) you have something that can deliver that some parts are SAS metadata defined others are stored in the webcontainer.

Needing a change at that  level is modifying it with the BI Webtools. 

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Re: Duplicating and costumizing the SPWA

Hello Jaap,

In my first message, by application, I meant J2EE web application such as SSPWA. I dont see where I've used it differently but will try to be clearer in the future.

I know i've bypassed the normal approach here (my installation does not seem to have the necessary tools to create a proper custom web application (SAS App dev studio?))

but suppose I would have created this application from scratch, is there a way to manually create the metadata for the web application?

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Re: Duplicating and costumizing the SPWA

Ok Dcytermann that was a misalignment. SPWA is not given a good hit I was at a wrong way of the implementation.  

The next try: SAS(R) 9.3 Stored Processes: Developer's Guide (Specifying Web Application Input). This is hitting the older SAS/intrnet approach. There is a chapter how to convert them.  

You are having an own developped web-pages and in that connecting to use SAS Stored processes.  I think this one is correct as the sample code is your mentioned link.

This is a session-based approach and the authentication/identification is a question to be solved with that.

You call the STP by using the _program parameter. Others are _action and _path. With this approach that java program of SAS (middleware) will take those parameters and access metadata / objectspawner to process that program. Still you are not coding the java it is the SAS program as attached parameters that is the business application.     

That SAS-code (often a file on the OS) and the SAS metadata references pointing to that is defining it as a STP.

When you need a duplication of the STP, you need to duplicate that.

The appdev studio approach is java based development at the desktop. With that you could develop your own java (desktop) applications like the SMC DI or Miner (SAS java desktop clients). That is not really web-based although they can be made as a preload to the desktop using the java plug-in of the browser.

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Re: Duplicating and costumizing the SPWA


I know this isn't an answer as such, but Falko Schultz's did almost exactly what you're after for his paper from SGF 2012, just using jquery Mobile.

You can find the paper here:

Hope this helps you.


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