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Determine Values Selected In Multiple Listbox

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Determine Values Selected In Multiple Listbox

I am currently working on developing a stored process in SAS Enterprise Guide 5.1 on Windows 7 Operating System that allows users to select multiple items from a listbox.  Once the values are selected I would like the form to chain to another stored process that will use the values that were selected in the listbox.


I am having difficulty creating a variable that contains the values selected by the user.


I have used the following code and can get the multiple select to work, but when I print the results, only the first value selected is printed.


The code is written in HTML and I am wondering if there is some Javascript that I would need to add in order for the selected values to be brought together into a single variable.


<select size=3 id=multilistbox multiple="multiple">
	<option value="1">Option 1</option>
    <option value="2">Option 2</option>
    <option value="3">Option 3</option>

Any help would be appreciated.


Thank you.

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Re: Determine Values Selected In Multiple Listbox

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Hi Chris,


There are a couple of things - I think you need to make sure that your HTML is a form element that you submit, that you are executing your STP via the STP Web App, and that the STP itself is configured to run on a Stored Process server rather than a Workspace Server. If that's the case, if you add &_debug=131 to the end of your URL, you should see the selected values being passed to sas as multiple called &multilistbox1, &multilistbox2, etc. 


More info in the Multiple Values section of the SAS docs here, it explains it a lot better. It's quite straightforward. You will also be able to debug the parameters sent to the STP Web App via your browser's debug console, if you're familiar with that.





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