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Dependency between prompt filters

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Dependency between prompt filters

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Hello Everyone,


Suppose I am a SAS stored process developed and I am creating cascade three prompts in Stored Process.


1) Continent

2) Country

3) City


I want user to select continent first, then country and then last the city. What should I define for city prompt?


1) A dependency on the country prompt

2) A dependency on the Continent prompt

3) A dependency on the continent and country prompt

4)A dependency on the continent,country and city prompt


My analysis says dependency should be only for continent prompt since the dependency is for one filter which is for the prompt that is main one. Need suggestions and answer. The answer in the picture may be wrong. Not sure.


Please refer the attachment.

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Re: Dependency between prompt filters

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CITY prompt would be dependent on COUNTRY prompt.  COUNTRY prompt would be dependent on CONTINET prompt.

And thats how it is cascading prompt.


The list of city would be populated based on country. 


Suppose for sometime I think city prompt is dependent on continent prompt, then in that case all the cities of the continent would be fetched instead it should fetch cities of the chosen country only. That's why city prompt should be dependent on COUNTRY prompt.

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