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Decode encoded HTML in Proc Stream

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Decode encoded HTML in Proc Stream


I am trying to load an article which is stored as encoded html. So basicly this line:

<p>Hello world ; : ' " ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) </p>

is stored as %3Cb%3EHello%20world!%20%3B%20%26%20%40%20'%3Cb%3E%0A

Using proc stream and proc sql I can retrieve the data.  Now my problem is decoding the content. Obviously, I looked into HTMLDECODE

However I am having trouble getting it to work in combination with Proc stream. Here is how I retrieve it

%let GetContent =%sysfunc(dosubl(

  proc sql noprint;

  select M.content into :article SEPARATED  by ''

  from BE_TEMP.BI_ARTICLE M where eq 12;



  %let newArticle = htmldecode(&article)


Can anyone spot the problem?

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Re: Decode encoded HTML in Proc Stream

Either use %sysfunc when you call htmldecode function or put the function inside your PROC SQL select.

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