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DI job max size

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DI job max size

Hi. Have an issue with DI studio while building big jobs (big - in terms of number of transformations used). After some number of transformations added I find impossible to add new ones, and also I can't edit existing ones. Maybe there are limits on number of transformations used in job?
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Re: DI job max size

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I'm not aware of any specific limitation to no of objects within a job.
This could be a bug, memory constraint, corrupt metadata...?
How many objects do you have?
Any messages (c:\document and settings\user\errorLog_SAS_Data_Integration_Studio_3.4.txt)?
In my opinion a best practice would be to limit the number of steps within a job. Too large jobs makes it hard to understand, needs more resources to open/edit and probably needs to be updated more often.

If you can't solve this by your own, consider to contact SAS tech support.

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