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Customizing Stored Process

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Customizing Stored Process

Hi All,

can someone tell me if i have created Storedd process with EG 4.2 and registred it with SAS Metadata server so after this can i make cusomization in that stored process? Is it possible? If yes how and if no why?

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Re: Customizing Stored Process


Yes, it is possible to modify a stored process after you have created it.  Assuming you see the stored process in EG, you can double-click it, and it will open the stored process wizard, and allow you to modify the promts, code, etc.



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Re: Customizing Stored Process

Hi Tushar,

You can directly modify the stored process by editing and saving the .sas file that you have created while creating SP.



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Re: Customizing Stored Process

Tricia Aanderud posted a great blog post explaining 3 ways in which you can edit a stored process... check it out - Stored Processes: 3 Ways to Edit a Stored Process

BTW if you are creating or using stored processes I highly recommend getting a copy of her latest book The 50 Keys to Learning SAS Stored Processes Book | Business Intelligence Notes for SAS® BI User...



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Re: Customizing Stored Process

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Michelle Homes, shivas and Quentin thanks a lot. your answer really helpful.

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