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Customize layout from Stored Procedures

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Customize layout from Stored Procedures

Hi All,

I am creating a report where user has to select values using Stored Procedures

and when i click on STP, the page displayed will be of SAS controlled

webpage.i want to arrange all the prompts(length of prompts) and have 

dependencies on each prompt. How can i customize,can anyone please point me to

SUGI papers or resources.

All i want is to beautify the page ,when i click on Stored Process the web

page should be with neat prompts which are arranged sequentially rather than

the web page developed from SAS.

I have attached the sample look of webpage, please help me in designing ,so that when i click on the stored process i should be able to view the page where user can find more of customized look and feel


Mahesh P

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Re: Customize layout from Stored Procedures

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Hi MaheshPeesari,

Can you tell me where actually you are using this stored process? I mean are you accsing this in SAS WRS or Information Delivery portal? As per my understanding textbox length and all can not be set in STP wizard however you can create a dependant prompt using Stored Process. Check this below link


Tushar J.

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