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Creating prompts in Web Report Studio

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Creating prompts in Web Report Studio

These are the steps which we hav efollowed to create prompts on SAS report

Steps to complete within SAS Information Map Studio 3.1:

1. Open SAS Information Map Studio 3.1.
2. Click Insert -> Table.
3. Select SASHELP.CLASS and add it to your information map.
4. Right-click on the variable AGE and select Properties.
5. Select the Classifications/Formats tab. Select Category
as the classification.
6. Select the Permissions/Value Generation tab.
7. In the value-generation method, select Dynamically generate
a list that contains all of the data items's values.
8. Click OK.
9. Click File -> Save as.
10. Select BIP Tree -> ReportStudio -> Maps.

Steps to complete within SAS Web Report Studio 3.1:

1. Open SAS Web Report Studio 3.1.
2. Create a new report and select the data created above.
3. On the "Data item" section, select the filter icon.
4. Fill in the following fields:

Filter Name: My_Age_Filter
Operator: Equal to
Specify values by: Prompting users to select values from a list
Create users's list by: Allowing users to query for values
Select a default value:

5. Test the report by adding an Insert List report object into
the report section.
6. Select View Report.
7. When the report is displayed, you will need to click
"Get Values" to have the values dynamically populated.
But if the user want to see all the values and if he doent want to select one value.
Is it Possible to get all the values to be displayed.
Can you give me any solution.
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Re: Creating prompts in Web Report Studio

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If they want all ages, can't they just go back and NOT use the filter or take the filter off the Data Source???? I don't understand what you want? In the steps below, I'd have them do the LIST report for the Web Report Studio report, but NOT perform step #3, #4.

Or, it would be easy to make a two-section report: one section on the report where they got prompted for a filter on age, but then make a second section on the report that was a LIST report for ALL ages? If they want to see ALL ages, they just view the ALL Ages section tab.
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