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Creating SAS Stored Process in Local SAS

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Creating SAS Stored Process in Local SAS



I am using Excel VBA to run a SAS program. As per my understanding, I need to create a SAS Stored Process on Metadata server in order to call this process from VBA. However, is there a way to create the stored process on my Local (My system) server ? I want ot do this so that I can create my entire project on VBA before migrating to the server.


The SAS EG installed on my system does not allow me to create a Stored process when connected to 'Local'. Please let know a way to accomplish this




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Re: Creating SAS Stored Process in Local SAS

I don't think this is possible. Stored processes are stored in SAS metadata which requires a metadata server, and then must be run on a Stored Process server which would be running on your SAS App server. Your local server cannot provide these capabilities.


You could test out the code that you are intending to use in the stored procedure though.

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