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Conditional SAS Log to browser

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Conditional SAS Log to browser

My Stored Process is running in the stored process web app. I am chaining the stored processes and writing streaming HTML. On one of my screens a SAS error is automatically recognized by the stored process server and it displays the handy button to show the log. On another screen I have a SAS error, but no button shows up.

Anybody know why?

Is it possible that the STP server is detecting a system error condition inside SAS and that some "errors" are "seen" by the server (such as syntax errors), but other errors such as my own %put ERROR: Business user picked wrong stuff; are not "seen" as errors and therefore do not cause the handy show log button to display?

Is there a programmatic way to trigger the "show log" button on the server in my code?
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Re: Conditional SAS Log to browser

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Please provide information about what is considered a "SAS error" in both cases, ideally pasting part the SASLOG into your forum post reply.

Techniques for generating errors, both in a DATA step, and a macro (compilation) execution are fairly straightforward. There is an ABORT ABEND statement in SAS DATA step processing. Also, there is a SAS %ABORT statement in Macro language.

Scott Barry
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SAS MACRO language DOC - %ABORT Statement
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