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Change bgcolor of streaming HTML output

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Change bgcolor of streaming HTML output


I have a streaming HTML to output my proc report and then display it on a web browser. I noticed that by default it changes the background into gray. Any way to change the default color?



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Change bgcolor of streaming HTML output


In your stored process you can define a value for the variable _odsstyle.

For example you could try

%let _odsstyle=seaside;

Hope this helps.

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Re: Change bgcolor of streaming HTML output


  Depending on the code of your stored process, you might be able to use the _ODSSTYLE reserved parameter to override the default gray and blue style to another style. It would be useful to know whether you were using the %STPBEGIN method of creating a stored process or the _WEBOUT method. For example:


%global _odsstyle;

%let _odsstyle=analysis;


** more code;




ods html body=_webout style=analysis;

** more code;

ods html close;

If you are running the stored process on client applications such as Web Report Studio and/or PowerPoint in the SAS Add-in for Microsoft Office, you may need to use other methods to change the style, but for the Information Delivery Portal, or the Stored Process Web App or other clients, a simple override should work. Looking in the stored process developer's guide should help you out with this task. If you did not want to use an ODS style template to change the background color of the output you could use a custom CSS with your stored process. There is another reserved macro parameter, _ODSSTYLESHEET,  the allows you to specify a custom CSS file. However, I consider changing the style with the above method to be the easiest method to start. Tech Support can help you with this if the developer's guide doesn't answer your questions.


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